Our Story

Early on when we were about to get married we had the challenge of finding a place for all of us to live. We managed to merge two households into a two bedroom apartment with 4 children living in one bed room so we could pay off debt and save money for a house. The place that we managed to rent was not in a good neighborhood but it was all that we could afford at the time. The nicer places were way out of our price range and no-one was going to give us a break on the deposit so we could have more bedrooms.

As our children's families grew, our children were faced with the same issues we were 10 years prior. We decided that since we were in a better place in our life that we would help them out. This is how WRI LLC was born!

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of WRI LLC to provide safe, clean, and affordable housing for individuals, focusing on single parents and young families as not to discriminate. It is our goal to provide prompt customer service and to enhance our surrounding community.

As we found a place for our daughter, we realized there had to be others out there we could also help, so we started with a single Dad and his son, which expanded to a newlywed couple, and a young family just getting started. WRI LLC gave them the peace of mind and the security of a nice place to live, which helped them re-establish themselves in the community.

GlobeAt WRI LLC we are proud to offer individuals and families affordable homes and condominiums for lease with the satisfaction of knowing that it is one less burden they must overcome.

We will continue to grow in hopes of providing affordable homes and condominiums for lease to individuals and families in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

"Helping families find a place to call home since 2004." Copyright 2006 : WRI LLC